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When psychology and gambling go hand in hand.

For the whole team of Muñecas a todo trapo, "education" is the forge where the future is forged and the air that feeds it the"game".

When psychology and gambling go hand in hand.

Psychology notes of Muñecas a todo trapo.

In Muñecas a todo trapo not only we strive to be your shop dolls online, made with love and professionalism, we also want to be a meeting place to put at your disposal our experience as psychologists and educators. For this we have our BLOG and FACEBOOK and our NEWS LETTER in which we will hang news, stories, photographs, interesting articles written by us and other professionals in education, psychology and psychiatry, quotations, readings recommended and lots of surprises, and where we hope your opinions, stories and of course the questions you want to ask.

“Sow in the children good ideas, althouhg they not understand; the years will decipher them to their understanding and make them flourish in their hearts. "Maria Montessori.